Shi Sei Kan – Calligraphy of Sadashige Kato Shihan

SHISEIKAN DOJO (IJKA Bulgaria honbu dojo) is the official representative for Bulgaria of the INTERNATIONAL JAPAN KARATE DO ASSOCIATION (IJKA), which aims the studying, developing and spreading the Traditional Karate in harmony with the tradition of Shoto (Gichin Funakoshi). The Shotokan Karate Do we practice is influenced by the ideas and principles of Taiji Kase Sensei but generally our martial art comes from Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei and Sadashige Kato Sensei.

士 – a learned man, a magnificent man, Samurai

聖 – holy, sacred, a saint, a sage, a high priest

館 – a mansion, a palace, a castle

士聖館 –  しせいかん – Shi Sei Kan Temple of warrior, Temple of the Samurai

Certificate of authorization IJKA Bulgaria